Service Sector

Ousebank draws upon a wide range of experience in the residential sector to provide consultancy services throughout the UK.

Ousebank is renowned for its variety of experiences and successes in residential projects. We understand the importance of determining the client brief from the outset and then implementing the expectations with the professional team. We work closely with agents and architects to determine the best value of the end product, and we manage this throughout the project to optimise value.

Our experience includes repositioning city centre properties, new build affordable apartments, new build high-end apartments, housing association developments, private housing developments, PRS and BTR schemes, bespoke single new-build dwellings and net-zero carbon in operation dwellings. Our team has a real sense of pride in delivering homes for purchasers and will ensure quality at handover is second to none.

Effectively manage development projects and maximise the value of your property portfolio with services from Ousebank. Contact our team today to discover how our consultancy services could help you.

Why us?

Diverse Portfolio

Benefit from our extensive experience across a wide range of residential projects. From repositioning city centre properties to developing new build affordable apartments and luxury houses, we understand the different requirements for each and what adds value to the user.

Commitment To Sustainability

We embrace sustainable practices and principles in residential development projects, including incorporating net-zero carbon initiatives and environmentally friendly design elements. Benefitting value and desirability of the properties further.

Client Understanding

By working closely with agents and architects, we determine the best value for the end product and manage this effectively to optimise value for our clients.

Ousebank Services