Quantity Surveying

Service Summary

Ousebank provides quantity surveying services, undertaking the role of cost manager and quantity surveyor on behalf of clients across the UK. Our team provide professional and diligent services, ensuring project objectives are delivered successfully and on budget.

As a cost management consultant, our professional team at Ousebank we provide:

  • Traditional quantity surveying services, such as the preparation of bills of quantities and pricing documents
  • We excel in cost control, both pre-contract and post-contract.
  • The preparation of regular orders of cost estimates and cost plans throughout the pre-contract period gives cost certainty in the delivery
  • Through preparation of robust tender documents/employer’s requirements, so that the expectations are conveyed to the contractor.
  • Post-contract, our core services focus on visiting the site monthly to assess the project’s progress for interim payment purposes,
  • Advising on the cost of variations to the works, agreeing on the cost of instructions, preparing recommendations for interim payments and issuing payment notices.
  • We strive to prepare the final account in a timely manner for the benefit of both parties and will push for a swift and accurate agreement.

Why us?

Project Value

Our added value lies in actively interrogating the design proposals throughout the project process, with a commercially focused approach to ensure the best value for our clients. Our expertise encompasses commenting on the effects of site usage, building shapes, alternative design forms, procurement options, and construction methods.

In-depth Knowledge

With a team of highly skilled and experienced quantity surveyors, we bring a deep understanding of construction costs, ensuring that your project remains within budget. Our commitment to accurate cost estimation and value engineering means that we identify cost-saving opportunities while maintaining the project's quality and integrity.

Consistent Budget Reporting

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and our ability to provide precise and timely quantity surveying services. This attention not only helps in managing costs effectively but also minimises the risk of costly overruns, making us a trusted partner for construction projects of all sizes and complexities.

Ousebank Services

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