Development Management

Service Summary

Ousebank, in its role as property development manager, coordinates all this expert advice in a comprehensive manner to ensure the full potential of our clients’ developments is realised. With a focus on the UK, our overarching management position spans the entire development process.

With a team of property development coordinators positioned and the early legal and financial advice, we can provide:

  • Procurement of any early investigative surveys and coordinate report findings.
  • Coordinated technical due diligence.
  • Establishing a structure and procedure for all meetings.
  • Liaising with the client’s agents, advisors and solicitors throughout the process and coordinating between the professional team.
  • Undertaking management and monitoring of the performance of the professional team, including issuing instructions on behalf of the client.
  • Preparing and maintaining a headline development programme, risk management strategy and development financial reports.
  • Liaising with the public relations, and communications consultant and coordinating the professional team.
  • Directing the sales and marketing process through the letting or disposal agency.
  • Liaising with the managing agent/FM contractor to manage the building(s) post-completion.

Why us?

Advice That Lasts

Receiving strategic and specialist advise on complex developments through all the phases of its life cycle is critical to create lasting value.

Core Team Selection

Our neutral position allows us to recommend the best practices for specific sectors and development ambitions. We liaise and coordinate with the best-in-class multi-disciplinary professionals throughout the process. From communicating with the client’s legal team to ensure the legal agreements are set from the outset, to working closely with national and international financial advisors to generate the most suitable development vehicle.

De-risking Developments

Our development management experts orchestrate the professional team to assure our clients we are pulling together the detail and due diligence, working hard to maximise the potential and profitability of their development and de-risking the overall project.

Ousebank Services

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