Construction Management

Service Summary

Ousebank offer a bespoke construction management service to contractors, which is unrivalled in the consultancy sector. Our proven track record of assisting contractors to reprogramme challenging projects and lead the team to co-ordinate the detail, while considering the contractual obligations has led to repeat work with this service.

We can provide this service at any stage in the project from pre-construction to assisting in resolution of post completion defects. We can tailor and re-schedule our services throughout to ensure a lean service is always provided, using the following services:

  • Bespoke contract and commercial management to assist with the delivery of construction projects.
  • Establishing a protocol to capture project changes and advise on seeking approval with the contractor’s client.
  • Review designs from a buildability point of view and advise on missing information required from a contractor’s perspective.
  • Review and advise on value engineering and assist with design co-ordination.
  • Establishing a structure and procedure for meetings, including frequency, function, communication protocols, required attendees, chairperson, and responsibility for recording meetings and circulating reports and other information.
  • Preparing and maintaining a contractor’s risk register.
  • Preparing and maintaining a construction programme monitoring actual against planned progress, identifying corrective actions/recommendations.

Liaising with the professional team including the employer’s agent or contract administrator if required.

Why us?

Value Adding

We add value to challenging projects where an experienced fresh set of eyes can turn projects around, the whole professional team often feeling the benefit of the further assistance at this level. We strive ourselves to become the heart of the project to resolve any issues with the current delivery and provide a plan so the team can deliver the project successfully.

Managing Complex Projects

Always offering an accessible point of contact throughout, we can assist dealing with the usual reactive challenges construction projects present us. Also providing a ‘safe set of hands’ we can assist with construction management by offering the following:

Innovative Solutions

Our commitment to innovation ensure we leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to optimise project efficiency. By staying at the forefront of industry trends, we continuously identify opportunities for cost savings, sustainability, and quality enhancement, ultimately delivering construction projects that exceed expectations.

Ousebank Services

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