Offices & Commercial

Service Sector

Ousebank’s experienced team provides a range of consultancy services, helping clients across the UK maximise the value of their assets, properties and developments.

Ousebank has excellent experience working on behalf of landlords and tenants to achieve their commercial space goals and ambitions. We have created new commercial buildings that attract prospective tenants with high-end CAT A fit-outs and communal spaces.

Our team has worked for a fantastic range of tenants that have created superb working environments, including market-leading, serviced office and coworking spaces. Our cost data on these fit-outs is very current, and it allows us to appraise opportunities and build costs with our clients at the early stages.

Why us?

Specialised Experience

Ousebank's team excels in delivering tailored solutions for landlords and tenants. Our expertise in creating attractive commercial spaces, including high-end fit-outs and communal areas, ensures maximum appeal to prospective tenants.

Client Focused Approach

Our commitment to understanding client needs enables us to deliver customised solutions.

Current Insights

Using our extensive experience in the commercial sector, Ousebank provides up-to-date cost data on developments. This allows us to offer informed advice and appraise opportunities accurately.

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