Project Management

Service Summary

Offering independent advice and consultancy as part of our Project Management services, we tailor each project to the clients’ requirements, identifying the stakeholders in the early project stages, and generating the outcomes that you as client require for the project to be a success.

We can utilise our effectiveness to a development at any stage of the project and can work alongside highly experienced professionals to control and monitor the performance alongside your aspirations. We ensure our services deliver the following:

  • Project planning, scheduling and coordination between parties, with clear stakeholder engagement.
  • Procurement of the required team to deliver the scheme, tracking budgets as part of our cost management.
  • Document control procedures throughout, with specific attention to scope and change management.
  • Quality control procedures established amongst the team set at the outset.
  • Risk analysis and management, putting the clients interests at the heart of the project.
  • Ensuring the maximisation of the projects value is achieved.

Why us?

Clients Interests First

We strive to become the heart of the project and involve ourselves in all aspects of the scheme. We are best suited to collaborate for our client’s success with experience in planning and scheduling, legal coordination, financial management, risk management, and professional team management.

Rigorous Detail

Ousebank takes pride in its commitment to conducting ongoing, meticulous project analyses. We possess the flexibility to cater to diverse industry sectors, regardless of whether the project involves new construction, renovation, or conversion.

Proactive & Reactive

Our Project Management services are proactive; however, we can offer troubleshooting and project turnaround reactive services when involved at later stages. We continuously adapt to our client’s needs and oversee the professional team to ensure they adapt to work effectively for the project ambitions.

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