Contract Administration
& Employer’s Agent

Service Summary

As a provider of Contract Administration and Employer’s Agent services, our core focus during the construction period is ensuring the delivery of the project in accordance with the building contract, particularly with regards to quality and adherence to the identified schedule.

We provide professional and diligent services acting as both contract administrator or employer’s agent (under a design and build procurement route) to successfully deliver the desired project objectives and outcomes for our clients. Ousebank’s services are inclusive of:

  • Delivering schemes using various forms of contracts including JCT, NEC, and bespoke contracts.
  • Exceling in always acting in a fair, impartial, and independent manner.
  • Pre-contract our services include; obtaining any relevant background information from the client, including appropriate limitations.
  • We record formal and informal meetings and ensure actions are swiftly dealt with by the relevant party.
  • We inspect the quality of the site management and organisation of the principal contractor and the other contractors undertaking the project.
  • We ensure the coordination of the design team review of the contractor’s proposals, chair the pre-start meeting and monitor resolution of all actions.
  • We certify, periodically, the interim payment to be made by the client to the contractor, specifying what the amount relates to and send the computations of the adjusted sum to the contractor.
  • At the handover stage of the project, we focus on a seamless transition for our clients through carefully managing schedules, listing any outstanding or defective works and prioritising the quick and quality resolution of these items.

Why us?

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence in both services extends beyond pre-contract tasks to post-contract phases, where we continue to safeguard client interests, manage disputes, and ensure the project progresses as envisioned. Our commitment to fairness, impartiality, and independence remains unwavering.

Seamless Delivery

We continue to act in the best interests of all parties involved, ensuring a seamless and equitable project delivery. Ousebank's holistic approach to contract administration and Employer’s Agent serves as a cornerstone for successful project delivery.


Our dedicated professionals work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that contract terms and obligations are clearly understood, changes are efficiently managed, and any disputes are resolved promptly, fostering a collaborative environment that contributes to the success of your construction project through transparent and clear communication.

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